Fans have ripped into for a failed pass against  on Saturday – while others insist he just needs to time find his rhythm with . 

Supporters picked up on the particularly unfortunate moment, when  tapped to Havertz expecting a give-and-go, but instead the £65m man poked the ball back where it was in a clear breakdown of communication. 

It led to a random comparison with Crystal Palace’s Jordan Ayew, who might wonder what he has done to be hooked into the discussion. 

A shoddy two-yard pass was low-hanging fruit on social media for people to vent their frustrations, but others recognised that chemistry and understanding each other’s movements on the pitch is often a gradual process. 

People also vented when he received the ball with the chance to turn and play Eddie Nketiah through, but instead passed back and lost the ball. 

Kai Havertz came in for criticism for some poor passing against Fulham in Arsenal’s 2-2 draw

Fans waded in on the Havertz topic – with some criticising him and others showing sympathy

One fan wrote: ‘How can a guy like Havertz who can’t even make a short pass correctly be on the pitch is beyond me.’ 

Another supporter on AFTV vented: ‘We have got a guy who run around and we could have got Jordan Ayew! Jordan Ayew does the same as Kai Havertz!’

A tweeter in response to that laughed off the comparison, saying: ‘Jordan Ayew and Kai Havertz in the same statement? Naa that’s a disrespect to the Ayew family’.

Some chose a sarcastic route, with one commenting: ‘Top tier pass from Havertz. Wow’.

Others picked up on the pass where he should have made a turn and play through Nketiah. One tweeted: Nketiah will be fuming. He is already anticipating a through pass from him to run behind the defenders. Quick thinking from Havertz is zero. He should go back to Germany’. 

In somebody’s eyes, Havertz is Arsenal’s worst signing ever. ‘Havertz actually is our worst signing ever, over Mustafi and Pepe. He literally offers nothing, he hasn’t even done a positive pass in 3 games,’ they wrote. 

Fans on Twitter mocked Kai Havertz for his passing against Fulham, though some leaped to his defence 

But some were quick to defend the German international on a day when many of Mikel Arteta’s players weren’t up to their usual standards. 

One, referring to Bukayo Saka’s backpass that led to Andreas Pereira’s goal after a minute, wrote: ‘Saka gave a goal away but no one is talking about it. Havertz made one bad back pass that had no consequences but y’all on his back like a scorpion’s kids’.

Another wrote: ‘From an objective point of view, Kai Havertz is not as bad as people make it look. Arsenal players are yet to understand his movements on the pitch because I have seen many instances where he makes perfect runs but he doesn’t get the pass. Not entirely his fault.’